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In the U.S., type 2 diabetes is growing at a dangerous rate. Statistics show there are 84 million Americans living with pre-diabetes. That’s 1 out of every 3 adults! Sadly, only 10% are aware they are living with pre-diabetes. You can now assist in improving diabetes rates by implementing a Diabetes Prevention Program in your practice. We’ll also describe how to bill for DPP services with the nation’s largest payer, Medicare.

The DPP Training Program guides you through each step in the process of being able to add DPP to your practice’s clinical services. With step-by-step video training and helpful guides, you will be able to easily understand what is needed from you and your team to get the job done!

Prevention Program Training

Online Training, Videos
and Process Guides

One-time Fee – $199
(per pharmacy)

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Note: this calculator uses the major clinical billing opportunities but there are many
others that could be considered.

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*This calculator is provided to show overall potential value for these services. As every state is different, please consult your state’s guide to services that can be performed in each state.